Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Yesterday my good friend (who thankfully taught me how to do hyperlinks!!!!) emailed me...and even rang me IRL....to party about the Ultimate Blog Party.....she had the FANTASTIC news I had won a PriZe!!! YIPPEE. This little blog that only started a couple of weeks ago.....by a blogger who has only been blogging for not even a couple of months!

So a big huge gigantic THANK YOU to Heather of Swank Web Style - for donating a prize that a wee blog in far-off New Zealand could win! It's so exciting.

I spent last night browsing blogs to get ideas (yeah, I went back over lots of the ultimate blog party ones but didn't have time to leave so much as a HI! - sorry).......suddenly blogger's 38 templates (or however many it is) didn't look quite so flash!!!!!!

And I spent a long time at "Heather's place" too - have you been there? Make sure you do. She is one amazing lady who shares her heart openly and we can all learn alot from her and her delightful family. Thanks Heather.


Jen and family said...

visit me at http://jenz.wordpress.com/

Jen and family said...

thought i should let u know I have introduced you to others in my blog
as we were required to do as part of the Ultimate Blogging Party
I like your blog I find it very interesting
Jen at http://jenz.wordpress.com/