Monday, March 12, 2007

A Bare Patch

Inspired by my little pot-planting with the mosquitos at dusk last night, I'm ready to tackle the "side garden". We dug an outline for it a year or so ago and since then the grass clippings have been piling up there!
I'm really keen on Woodrow's permaculture ideas......I knew I wanted to make a teepee with some bamboo......I discovered a packet of bean seeds in my garden I went to Woodrow's book (my very own brand new copy that arrived last week) to discover what else should go with beans. If I can't do an entire mandala all at once, I can at least make a start with the principles in the little bit of dirt I've got.

So before the forecast rain makes its appearance I'm going to drag the kiddos outside and transform this little patch. We'll have peas and beans with potatoes (good thing they sprouted in their bag eh - all ready to go!) and carrots, lettuce, endive and Chinese cabbage.....then we might just pop up to the organic shop and *cheat* - if they've got some tomato seedlings we'll experiment with one more lot before the end of summer. I'll also get seeds - coriander, parsley, dill, celery and silverbeet. Why am I writing these details? So I can look back and see when I made the switch to organic seeds; so I know which seeds are worth saving. I'll never remember which parts of that garden were *real* seeds and which weren't! I'll be lucky if I remember *what* is planted!!!!
Actually, today's planting shouldn't be too hard - peas, beans and potatoes....the rest I'm going to raise in seedraising mix in a tray to give them a better chance. This is a first for me. I bought two trays years and years ago, but haven't used them for anything other than carrying things round the garden yet!
And we're going to *grow* something to carry things in - J12 wants to plant gourds!
The change gathers momentum!!!!

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