Sunday, May 27, 2007

Garden Moving

Do you remember what the garden used to look like? Well that was before anything was growing in it! It did look very luscious on occasion....

But then we made a discovery....the neighbours wanted screens up between our houses and when we measured out the boundary *exactly* we discovered *our veges* were encroaching on *their space*. So the garden had to move. In preparation for losing my climbing frame in the Big Shift, I had constracted a teepee for the winter peas to grow up....they were planted weeks all work yesterday had to proceed very carefully around it! We even managed to save our patch of self-seeded lettuces too....and some spring onions that came from I-don't-know-where. Here we are mid morning when the Boundary Line has been tied up and the kids have dismantled the paver path.

Last week I was doom-and-glooming about losing Half The Garden. But as we started working yesterday it occurred to me that we could reclaim the patch of grass that is used for absolutely nothing except mowing. So we ended up with this:

Spurred on by new inspirations, I revisited Linda Woodrow's "The Home Permaculture Garden", and decided to just see if we could fit a half-size chook dome into this space. We needed six 2metre circles....and we did it. Look:

So the rest of the week will be dedicated to measuring circles, laying out paths, scrounging around for something to make a worm farm in, using yesterday's prunings to construct a seed-raising bench.....we're going to do The Whole Thing!!!! (oh and we've still got to drag over our strawberry and swan plants from the neighbour's - unless they want to keep them of course!)


Nikki said...

Wow, go Rach! Love it, you woman of action!!

Fire said...

What Nikki said! I can't wait to see the dome in action!