Wednesday, April 18, 2007


our neighbours decided they wanted a fence between our properties.....not a big fence, just some screens so their kids feel a bit private in their bedrooms (fair enough!) the lads went out to put the posts in the ground at the weekend....and we discovered.......a very good portion of our vege garden is on their section....right now it doesn't matter coz it's the back of their place, a little bit they do nothing with......but one day they want to plant nice trees there (to shade my veges - sad face) we are going to have to move it all......this afternoon I wanted to just throw it all in and not even bother....but then I went out to the patch this evening to pick some carrots and celery and thyme and chillies and tomatoes to go in tomorrow's split pea and ham soup, and I saw the potatoes doing their thing, and noticed there are still a few ears of corn and a couple more pumpkins, and I spied a red cabbage I'd forgotten about....and I came back planning how to rearrange the garden to fit the space that's going to be doesn't seem such a problem after all!

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