Monday, April 2, 2007

Rotten Tomatoes

All That Rain over the past few days split my tomatoes. Really split them. Made them fall off the vines. Knowing I shouldn't leave them on the ground to rot and attract bugs-n-things, I sent them to the compost. There must have been at least a kilo and a half *sob* I did consider turning them into chutney, but most of them had little white somethings crawling in them (I really should have done this job two days ago!).
We still enjoyed a handful of good tomatoes and an apple cucumber for dinner. And the corn is ready to pick, and the potatoes are going mad. YAY.

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Jen and family said...

Im sori about your tomatoes
but it is good that you still have some of your produce and the potatoes sound like they are going GREAT
have a good day
Jen at